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中文翻译成英文 有急的狠 谢谢~!

you will be happy with that gayi never can make up my mind to say goodbye to youplease live happilyi will live proudlyyou always smile in that way, like nothing happenedi am sorryplease don't turn around, just leave 哦,女孩,我哭,哭你是我的所有 再见 再见哦,我的爱,不要说谎, 说谎你是我的心 再见 再见


hello I'm so sorry not to answer you mail in time because i have been busy recently. I appreciate you very much for your good advices. Your suggestions are valued by us ,which help us promote our work. This time i have reorganized the documents. Welcome to your advices if there is something wrong .

我是人工翻译的1.Famous universities open online courses,showing class records. 2.satisfy the thirst for knowledge of the world 3.be popular with university students 4.You can learn much without going out of your home 5.university students make

I am glad to meet you , my dear students. From now on , i am your new teacher.It is nice for to live and study with all of you .And i hope in the future we will make our effort to get a progress in our study.If i did something wrong or unsuitable,the adivice

Human confidence is a road to success an important way. We study or the cause of the climb, it is necessary to encounter difficulties, and confidence is the panacea to overcome these difficulties. We only have confidence to strive to make our own

In the sea, I am a grain of sand.I, hidden in the boundless huge crowd. I have no gently beautiful figure, no bright eyes, but I have enterprising heart, have water dream bosom, the lofty ideal, I firmly believe that abdomen have good gas from China.I,

1, There is a factory in the northwest side of the town near the train station.2, I live about 4 kilometers far away from the school, so I don't walk to school. I take the school bus to there everyday.3, The tape of my favorite band is too expensive, I won't

in order to protect the earth,we need to protect the environment. we need to protect the trees,we can't spit,liter in puclic. keep the environment clean and set an example for the people around. besides,we should study hard and contribute to our country in the future. O(∩_∩)O~

Although I am now the standard of English is not good, but in subsquent days will gradually improve.

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