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用一般现在时写“我的书房”,用thErE BE写“我的客厅...

用There be句型写一篇我的客厅作文15个单词 I have a lovey bedroom.There is a small bed in the corner of my bedroom.And on my bed,there is a brown Teddy Bear with big eyes and sweet smile.I love it very much.What's more,there are some books on my desk.

i have a good study room. In the room,beside the window there is a desk.On the desk there are some school things.There are some pens and books on the desk.Under the bed there is a basketball.I love my study room!

Our Living Room My family lives in a big house.It is beautifu.The living room in our house is beautiful,too. There is a twenty-five inch TV set on the wall.Opposite the TV,there is a section of sofa .They are gray .There is a kaffir lily next to the sofa.

比如,窗边有张书桌 there is a desk by the window

I have a study room , in the room there are bookcase, computer, desk, chair, and so on. the computer is in front of the window, the bookcase is near the wall, the chair is baside of the desk, and all these furnitures are under the ceiling.

I have a small studyroom.There is a desk and a chair in it. There are so many books on the desk.And there is a computer on the desk too.There are two windows There are two maps on the wall.One is the map of China,and the other is the map of America.I like my studyroom.

很高兴能够在这里回答你的问题,这道题的正确答案应该为:There is a desk on the right in my room.there are some books on the desk.there is a bed on the left.there are some flowers on the windown.我房间右边有个桌子.桌子上面有些书.左侧有张床.窗户上有些花.


There is a sofa put in the side of the living room,and a color TV put on the drawer,some books list on the desk,also there are some pictures sticked on the wall.

1.there are two bedrooms on the second floor.2.there is a bookroom next to the bedroom.3.is there a computer in the bookroom?4.there ia a garden in front of the house.5.are there a kitchen or a dining hall on the first floor?

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