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Is he playing basketball now?Is she dancing now?Is Tom reading?Are you having an English class?Are they talking?Are Tom and Tony swimming together?Is your mother cooking?Look!Is the girl dancing?Listen!Is the bird singing.

举例如下:1.Are you watching Tv 2.Is your mother cooking in the kitchen 3.Is your father reading newspaper now 4.Are your grandparents eating dinner 5.Is your brother playing in the garden Wish this c

肯定句:主语+be(is/am/are)+现在分词 否定句:主语+be(is/am/are)+not+现在分词 一般疑问句:be(is/am/are)+主语+现在分词 特殊疑问句:特殊疑问词+相应be动词+主语

肯定句:I am watching TV.(我正在看电视)The little monkey is eating banana.(那 (她正在做她的作业.)He is sswimming at the pool.(他在水池里游泳)一般疑问句

1.Are you watchingTV?2.Is he playing computre games?3.Are they doing their homework?4.Is she talking with her mother on the phone?5.Are you learning English by yourself?

Are you reading now?你现在在读书吗?Is he having lunch?他正在吃饭吗?Are they having a class now?他们现在在上课吗?Is my answer OK?我的回答可以吗?o(∩_∩)o 哈哈~

特殊疑问词+be动词+主语+动词的现在分词形式+其它?例:What are you doing When is he going to school 对现在进行时的特殊疑问句的回答,它不可以用Yes或No直接作答,要根据实际情况回答.

现在进行时的一般疑问句,就是将be动词提前,就可以了.如:they are swimming.---are they swimming? yes, they are. no, they aren't.he is singing in the classroom.---is he singing in the classroom? yes, he is. no., he isn't.

(1)Are you watching TV? Yes,I am. (2)Are you playing soccer? No,I'm not.(3)Are they listening to the music? Yes,they are. (4)Are they playing basketball.No,they aren't. No,they aren't.(5)Is he swimming? Yes,he is. (6)Is he doing his homework? No,he

展开全部1Is he doing his homework now?Yes,I'm.No i'm not.2Is he sleeping now?yes,he is.no,he isn't.3Are you eating dinner?yes.we're.no.we are not.4is he having a class?yes,he is.no,he isn't5is he palying soccer?yes,he is.no,he isn't

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