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基本上我不认为薪水\压力这些东西应该写在辞职信里, 虽然你可以和老板面谈的时候说. 基本上这就是一个给大家台阶下的东西, 虚伪也是必要滴 Dear Mr XX, I am sorry to tell you that I have decided to resign from the company after XX years'

在中国,英文辞职信可以按照《劳动法》第31条、《劳动合同法》第37条的具体规定内容来书写即可.范文可以通过百度知道、百度文库或者搜狗问问搜索'水6元'或者'水元'书写的“辞职信(劳动者对用人单位)”范文来阅看参考. 第31

Respect the company leadership:Hello!Song, I go to the company refers to computation had five years, in these years, although my job is not perfect, but in company colleagues one-year and assistance especially your trust and the support, I also

供参考尊敬的经理:Dear Manager,经过深思熟虑,我决定辞去目前在公司所担任的职位,回到家乡发展.很抱歉自己在这个时候提出辞职.After serious consideration, I have decided to resign from my current position and go back to my

关于辞职信的内容: 1.抓住关键点,切忌罗索.在辞职信的开头要直接表明你辞职的意图,并说明你辞职的原因是已经接受其他公司的聘用书或其他理由,比如搬迁到其他城市等. 2.说明合同最终终止是哪一天.一般来说应该在合同终止前2个

Dear Mr.X,It is really a hard decision for me to tender this designation to quit my position as the administrative manager in the company with effective date from (the last date) due to XXX(或because XXX).Thank you for giving me a chance to

简单的英文辞职信,英语辞职信的写法(中英文对照) resignation letter 辞职信 your address 你的地址 july 8, 2012 to: mr. ben (the name of your boss) 致ben老板的名字,公司名称公司地址 dear mr. ben(the name of your boss): 尊敬的ben先生


Dear Boss!I feel sorry to say I have to quit this job from you because I have to prepare for the graduate school entrance exam. I really feel sorry that I can't share with you some difficulties about the future plans of this company. It is not without a heavy

Dear Aamada, Firstly I wish you a happy new year and a great fortune! Are you working in BOSCH now?How is it?Are you feeling great?I believe that you have the ability to be equal to the job, because I regard you as the best. Cheer up! Finally, I wish you a happy everyday and an everything fine with you. yours,你的名字

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