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范文(1) 帮助英语对话 A:Is there anything I can do?I'd like to help in some way if I can.B:I can't think of anything at the moment.A:Well,maybe I could run errands or something.B:You could if I needed something.A:I feel so useless just hanging

自编了一个二人对话.希望你喜欢.Making a decision on a trip Dave and Peter are college classmates as well as good friends. They are talking about a trip in summer. Dave: Peter, we have been working very hard the whole school year. Don't you

A hi,~打招呼 B how are you 之类的话,自己寒暄几句,正文 what is your favorite season?A My favorite season is summer. I love summer. B oh,why do you like it? A because,There is no school.it is summer holiday,B haha ,yes, i like holiday ,too.A

i love you ,but you do not love me.i am very sad,but i never give up loving you,because you are the angle my life.i try my best to love love love you as much as i love you.whenever, wherever,whatever,i always remember,always miss, the time that i miss

主要是自己要对他感兴趣,有了兴趣,学起来就不那么被动了 还有就是不要急躁,每天积累.肯定会有质变的那天的

A: Now, today we will talk about friendship. What do you think about friendship? B: Everyone needs friendship. No one can sail the ocean of life single handed. We need help from, and also give help to, others. A: Yes, I agree with you. In the modern

A: How is life?A: 生活如何?B: Never been better. I was promoted last Friday.B: 从来没这么好过,上星期五我升职了.A: Wow, congratulations!A: 哇,恭喜你.B: What about you, everything goes well?B: 你呢,一切还顺利吧?A: Yeah,



Dialogue Mark: How much is this car, sir? Sir: This car? Oh, it's 3,000 dollars. Mark: Three thousand for a used car? Sir: Oh, no. It's brand new. I bought it only a couple of months ago. Mark: But 3,000 is still a bit too much for a used car. Sir: Then you

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